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Global hot dog and sausages market is expected to witness a steady growth owing to convenience in consumption and affordable cost. North America and South East Asia is expected to trigger the growth of sausages in near future. A hot dog is a grilled or a steamed sausage placed in a sliced bun as a sandwich. It is garnished with onions, mustard sauce, olives, ketchup or cheese. It is a popular street eatery in the U.S with hot dog stands visible during baseball events. In earlier days, the sausages were imported from Germany and received popularity in North America. The most common meat used in the manufacturing of these sausages are pork and beef.

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However, meat technology and change in consumer taste have led manufacturers to produce those using chicken, turkey and meat substitutes. Sausages are mostly sold in retail market uncooked but hot dogs are cooked before packaging. They need only warming before consumption. A hot dog is categorized as a fast food item and is extremely popular among the youth. Its taste, convenience to eat, and affordable cost are the major factors driving the overall consumption. These products for consumption is served in street stalls and cafeterias. Packaged products are made available in supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores. Hot dogs are popular purchases in Seven-Eleven convenience stores especially in the U.S Convenience stores have been driving the demand in Southeast Asia especially in Japan.

Hectic lifestyle and increasing standard of living drive the consumption of ready to eat products in urban areas. Hot dogs are quick and easy to make. They are readily available at street vendors. Their low prices as compared to pizzas and submarine sandwiches have made them very popular as a working class street food. Development of retail sector has been driving the market in recent years. Hot dogs and sausages are available at retail stores in frozen form. One just needs to warm them and consume, making them a favorite breakfast meal during working days. Development of packaging industry has helped in driving the growth of these eatery items.

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Sophisticated packaging solutions have resulted in increasing shelf life and therefore preserving the taste and nutrient.  Hot dogs and sausages are subjected to health concerns which are expected to pull the market down in the near future. These food items offer the significant risk of choking, especially in children. Some consumers tend to cut these products in small pieces so as to reduce the risk. Hot dogs vary from region to region and depend on local taste. Manufacturers tend to modify their products in order to satisfy the need of local consumers. Freshly prepared sausages must be consumed quickly or should be refrigerated for longer use. Street vendors, retail stores focus on estimating the demand on day to day basis to avoid wastage.

The market is segmented on the basis of meat used which include pork, beef, chicken, lamb and turkey. Pork and beef dominate the market followed by chicken and lamb. New meat substitutes such as cottage cheese, mushrooms, and soy sausages are becoming popular as a part of a vegetarian diet. Moreover, these products receive stiff competition from alternative products such as submarine sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and burgers. It is important to handle these products with care so as to avoid contamination. Automated manufacturing of sausages offers bright opportunities for the overall industry growth. Production with the help of machines reduce the risk of contamination on account of human touch. Also, manufacturers are able to produce on a larger scale and therefore optimizing cost.  North America dominated the regional demand and is expected to continue the trend in near future owing to its gained popularity among the youth. The U.S witness’s significant sale of these fast food items during baseball event or super bowl.

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