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The global Sulfate Process TiO2 market is estimated to display a robust growth in the next couple of years owing to rise in the applications and expansion of scope across the globe. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) involves a wide range of applications. It is observed as the common white pigment in the paints. Besides, it is also employed as a pigment when it comes to items such as plastics, cosmetics, soap, toothpaste, food, as well as printing inks.

It can be produced with the assistance of two processes including Sulfate process as well as Chloride process. It is said that titanium dioxide proves to be an appropriate selection as a pigment as it is chemically resistant as well as non-toxic in nature. It is generally found in ores but in low concentrations.

It has been noticed that Sulfate Process TiO2 market is expanding its base rapidly across the globe. The key factors that are acting as major drivers in influencing the Surface Hydraulic Rock Drill market growth may entail rapid industrialization, urbanization, emerging economies, burgeoning demands across various industries, rise in the level of awareness among the end users concerning its efficiency, and increasing investments by the leading investments.

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Furthermore, the manufacturers are taking up numerous strategies including joint ventures, acquisitions, and partnerships that is in turn leading to the inorganic growth of the Sulfate Process TiO2 market. The only factor that is impeding the overall growth of the market may include high production costs of Titanium dioxide. Sulfate Process TiO2 industry is segregated by product type as Chloride Process, Sulfate Process, and others. Sulfate Process TiO2 industry is categorized by application as Plastics, Paint, Paper, and others.

Sulfate Process TiO2 industry is divided by geography as North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India. Geographically, it has been noticed that North America is lately taking up the largest share in the market and it is estimated that the region will continue displaying a robust growth in the forthcoming period owing to its wider manufacturing base, growth of many sectors, and rising applications.

On the other hand, Europe and Asia Pacific are also gradually emerging as one of the promising regions in the Sulfate Process TiO2 market, the reasons being rise in the market growth opportunities, wider customer base, and emerging nations. The prominent players contributing in the development of the Sulfate Process TiO2 market are recognized as Huntsman Corporation, Cristal, Kronos, Tronox, ISK, PRECHEZA, Cinkarna Celje d.d, The Louisiana Pigment Company, Tayca, CNNC HUAYUAN Titanium Dioxide, Lomon, Shandong Doguide Group, Chemours, and Grupa Azoty.

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