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PLC Splitters Industry

Global PLC splitter market demand is expected to be high over the forecast period on account of increasing developments in IT and telecommunication industries. PLC stand for planar lightwave circuit and is a recent technology. Earlier, fiber optic splitters were based on fused biconical taper (BPT) technology. PLC is a more recent technology where waveguides are fabricated using lithography and a silica glass substrate. These splitters are known to offer accurate and even splits with minimum loss.

Development in fiber optics field has transformed different ways of transmitting data over long distances with minimum loss and are immune to electromagnetic inferences. Such favorable characteristics are expected to further enhance market demand in the future. Innovation and technological advancement have resulted in overall cost reduction and consumer awareness which in turn is expected to drive industry growth over the forecast period.

Increasing information transmission need with greater fidelity is expected to drive overall industry demand in the future. PLC splitting is one of the most popular means of new cabling and upgrades. The growth of online marketing among the population has resulted in an increase in internet speed. This technology has played a significant role in achieving this response time. Rising demand for 3G/4G network globally is expected to augment industry over the forecast period. Overall industry development has helped emerging economies including India, Philippines, South Africa, and Brazil to establish well- developed IT infrastructure and outsourcing sectors.

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Switching existing system (FBT splitter to PLC splitter) is a time consuming and expensive process. Global organizations are expected to adopt innovation and invest in technologies in order to cope up with the development speed and increasing competition. Researchers have recently developed compact and less complex fabrication processes to attract new customers. Companies including Alcatel, Fujitsu, Huawei, Cisco and Mitsubishi are the major exhibitors with latest presentations based on PLC splitters, optical switches, integrated photonics and gigabit Ethernet.

PLC splitters are expected to explore opportunities surveillance, standard telephone cables, and sensors application segments. North America dominated the global industry on account of well-established IT infrastructure which increases their technology up gradation abilities. The region is expected to continue its dominance in the future. Asia-Pacific experienced a steady growth and the regional demand is expected to propel over the forecast period on account of developments in the telecommunication industry.

The rise of 3G/4G in India and China coupled with smartphone market expansion is expected to increase the regional demand for fiber optic cables in the future which in turn is anticipated to drive the PLC splitter industry. Europe is expected to show a substantial demand growth over the forecast period on account of increasing investment initiatives in information technology market. Africa and South America are expected to observe slow growth on account of poor technology up gradation facilities. The government of India has laid emphasis to connect its remote regions using optical fibers so as to provide high-speed internet. A plan is under discussion to lay undersea optical fiber cables from Chennai situated on the east coast of India up to Andaman Island.

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