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The global PC peripherals market is expected to witness significant demand over the forecast period.Growing demand from gaming industry and tech savvy individuals is expected to drive the market growth. PC peripherals are devices that can be connected to computers externally such as mouse, printers, keyboards, routers, scanners and gaming consoles. In gaming industry devices such as the high market growth rate of the PC peripherals market in gaming industry can be attributed to factors such as the launch of next generation advanced gaming devices and the increasing popularity of e-sports leagues. Increasing standards of gaming experience and innovative games that provide real world experience can be also be expected to drive the market growth.

Increasing preference of gamers to play games on PC than tablets, mobiles and phones owing to better visibility display, screen size and resolution in PC. These factors are expected to show significant growth during the forecast period. Increased use of PCs in Business and corporate world is also anticipated to boost the global market. Growing technological and IT systems that require enhanced computer systems to provide efficient solutions to their clients can be attributed as the major factor in this segment.

Growing smartphone and other substitute devices such as tablets, market is expected to pose a major challenge to the PC peripherals market. Consumers are expected to replace their PCs with tablets and smartphones as demand for mobility and portability is expected to grow stronger and heavier over the standard computers in the future. The advancement and innovation in mobile technologies and increasing demand for small, efficient devices has also improved the features and performance of laptops or tablets For instance demand for slim, ultra slim, detachable, touch variations and convertible, electronic gadgets is expected to significantly rise as compared to traditional PC. Declining demand of PC is expected to adversely affect the peripheral components.

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Rising consumer disposable income coupled with escalating inclination towards high definition video games is anticipated to positively increase the demand for PC peripherals market. Willingness to pay premium price for high technology defined consoles is expected to drive the PC peripherals market. The devices are expected to gain significance owing to their accessibility and ease of use. Online availability and purchase of PC peripherals E-commerce is expected to influence the retailing industry. Shifting consumer preferences towards online shopping plays a major role in e-commerce industry Ease of accessibility to diverse product categories and secure payment options are major factors contributing to market penetration

The Global PC Peripherals market has also been witnessing a variation in the demand for wireless products across end-user segments. Based on the product type the PC peripheral market has been segmented into PC gaming peripherals, external hard disks, printers, headsets, controllers, webcams, keyboards, and pointing devices. Printers are expected to be the largest market owing to its wide applications in personal, corporate and other organizations for printing, layout design, digital imaging, photo shop, and commercial lithographic printing and other commercial printing services. Growing demand for inkjet printers coupled with improved efficiency and superior performance. is expected to be the major driving force of this segment. Controllers are expected to witness high significant growth over the forecast period owing to the increased demand for gaming consoles and controllers particularly in regions such U.S., Germany, and U.K

Based on the technology type, the global market has been classified into optical, wireless and wired technology The Global PC Peripherals market has also been witnessing a variation in the demand for wireless products across end-user segments. Various technological innovations are the driving forces in this segment. Wireless technology is expected to witness significant growth rate over the forecast period owing to its consumer convenience, mobility and reduce complexity issues that would occur in wired devices. Wireless devices have been further classified into wireless mouse, keyboard, monitor, printers. These devices can be operated through Bluetooth and internet.

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