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The global Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR) market is expected to grow at a decent rate of over the forecast period driven by rapid technological developments in both the systems which results in better productivity and images.The developed economies have witness an increase in the usage of computed radiography in the diagnosis of medical conditions in women, especially in mammography for producing digital images of high quality. In addition, numerous medical screening for significant diseases (bone fracture, cancer, and other internal injuries) uses radiography to analyze internal structure. Computed Radiography systems cost three times less than the Digital Radiography systems. Therefore, DR systems are highly preferred over CR systems.

The shift in the markets are driven by high volume of patients and decreasing resources, which created the need for more efficient workflow options in the global health sector. In the coming years, radiography system replacement demand will help the sustainability of the market and profitable innovation in the technology would be vital for vendors to remain financially feasible. DR systems packed with point-of-care technology and other options can hold an advantage in this environment, projecting a significant return for vendor’ portfolios which have more diversified products. The addition of new technologies such as mobile and wireless systems and interoperability of point-of-care technology can also provide benefits for manufacturers.

Since the launch of panel flat technology DR, many anticipated the collapse of CR. However, CR is estimated to uphold to be a great technological solution for digital installations owing to numerous reasons. The selection of right CR or DR solution depends on requirements and suitability which strategically fits in.CR is anticipated to hold the largest revenue share in the coming years. However, the technology advancement and competitive prices in the DR technology, such as wireless sensors and adapter kits are considered as the driving force for the system.

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The prices of CR solutions are anticipated to cut down in order to increase adaptation which would bring system to a wider industry segment. The increased frequency has led the up gradation of an available analogue room to digital room. This would attract those facilities which witness capital shortfall to create a separate DR room. This conversions solution has reduced the extended investment which is expected to further drive demand.

DR is the choice where high efficiency and throughput are necessary, as in an emergency department, where imaging is time sensitive for patient care, and the examination volume is high. CR is very flexible and provide excellent image and make it more economically. However, high prices of DR technology is anticipated to curb demand over the next seven years. Computed Radiography on the other hand is far out selling DR in the clinics, non-hospital segment, private practice, and imaging center.

CR technology system that is primarily based on cassettes and laser operates. On the other hand, DR scanner uses capture direct technology with panels fixed dishes attached or wireless, but technically, the two are digital. CR will endure to expand into new segments from digital wireless technology. Digital Radiography is increasingly taken over by customer and large hospitals looking for better throughput.

In the Asia Pacific region, numerous market dynamics such as various countries in this region are prompting themselves as medical tourism destinations. This has led opportunities for DR over CR. Healthcare service and delivery services in the industry are continuously promoting radiography systems which offer seamless workflow, effective pricing, safety measures, and reduced radiation.

Countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are projected as an attractive marketplace. In these regions, vendors are now partnering with local participants to sell radiology modalities and PACS in order to penetrate in the industry. The major trend observed in these regions is primarily in the emergency departments which are now replacing film systems with either CR or DC systems.

Some of the key vendors dominating radiography industry include Carestream Health, Konica Minolta Holdings, Fujifilm Holdings, Philips Healthcare, and Agfa HealthCare. The other prominent vendors in the industry are GE Healthcare, Canon U.S.A, Siemens Healthcare, Del Medical, Toshiba America Medical System, Radlink, Viztek LLC, and iCRO. Recently, Virtual Imaging has introduced their complete veterinary digital radiography system. It could be useful when an animal’s health condition or internal injuries are unclear.

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