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Global Microtome Market is segmented based on types, blade types, application, end user and region. A microtome is a mechanical tool used to cut extremely thin slices of biological material, known as sections for microscopic examination. Special metal, diamond blades, or glass blades is used reliant on the type of specimen and the preferred thickness.

Microtomes are used in microscopy, mainly for the preparation of samples for observation under electron or light radiation. Steel blades are most probably used to make sections of animal or plant tissues. Laboratories use microtome for various testing purposes.Microtome blades are extremely sharp, and needcontinuous re-sharpening to keep its sharpness and need to be held with caution.

Microtome Market is classified, by types into Sledge Microtome, Rotary Microtome, Infrared Laser Microtome, Vibrating Microtome and others. Sledge microtome is used on hard materials such as wood, bone and leather. As these Microtomes have heavier blades. Most commonly used microtome is rotary microtome. The knife in rotary microtome is fixed in horizontal position so that the device operates with a staged rotary action. Hard tissues can be cut without vibration using rotary microtome.

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Infrared Laser Microtome is mainly preferred to obtain contact free slicing. Small pulses of infrared energy are targeted into the sample to provide precise control. Various factors that makes the infrared laser microtome special are cut with precision of 1µm, non-contact cutting, no sample preparation for native tissue.

Vibrating Microtomes are used to cut thin sections of materials that are visible only with the help of a light microscope. These Microtomes use less pressure and are widely used for tough biological samples such as brain, spinal cord, nervous tissues. Microtome Market is classified, by blade type into Metal Microtome Blades, Glass Microtome Blade, and Diamond Microtome Blade.

Metal Blades are used to slice sections of plant or animal tissues for light microscopy histology. These are mainly made of steel. Diamond Blades are industrial grade or gem quality. Industrial grade blades are mostly used to slice hard materials such as bone and teeth. Whereas, gem quality blades are used in electron microscopy applications. Glass blades are widely used in light microscopy and electron microscopy applications.

Microtome Market is classified, by applications into Optical Microscope, Electron Microscope, Traditional Histology Technique, Cryosectioning Technique, and others. Electron Microscopy is used to examine stained thin sections (60 to 100 nanometers) of tissue. Electron microscope is also called as ultramicrotome. The sections obtained are mounted on a glass slide and observed under light microscope prior to thin sectioning for the TEM (transmitted electron microscope)

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