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Global Action Camera Mounts Market is expected to rise at a higher CAGR in the forecast period. Action Cameras are used to capture tremendous action of outdoor sports or behavior such as base jumping and wing suit flying. On the other hand, standard cameras are incompetent of capturing elevated momentum action as they are not calculated for robust circumstances, together with extreme weather.

Action Cameras submit to the specialized camera devices that are used to capture sports adventures, or kinds of activities in general featuring high-paced actions. These cameras, unlike standard cameras, are simple, tough, and can be mounted on helmets, cars, dashboards, cycles, or can be worn on the body for capturing amazing real-life videos or images.

The small size and excellent “point of view” features of action cameras have made them immensely popular among sports enthusiasts and casual users who wish to capture their adventures and share on social media platforms. Small action cameras also come in use when working under unpredictable conditions, extreme weathers, and underwater excursions owing to their waterproof nature and specialized design.

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The main factors driving the action camera market include the increasing popularity and user-base of social networking sites such as Twitter, Face book and Instagram; along with the trend of sharing photos and videos with followers and friends and the growing number of vendors in the market. Owing to the entry of a number of camera device manufacturers in the action camera arena, consumers can now choose from a number of options with features suiting their needs. The intense competition has also brought down prices to a certain extent, attracting consumers in cost-sensitive regions.

One of the most popular trends in the global market is the growing popularity of bundle packages cameras sold with essential accessories. Being cost-effective, such packages are a hit amongst consumers, and have ultimately boosted sales of accessories along with action cameras. The declining prices of smartphones built with excellent-quality cameras are also expected to hinder the market growth to some extent.

In comparison with regular cameras, action cameras are compact, lightweight, and can capture high-quality images in extreme weather conditions. They are often fond of helmets so can be worn on the person and also mountable on vehicles. These cameras can capture high speed and high-quality images.

Action camera offers features such as lightweight, compact size, water resistant, and convenience such as mounting on a vehicle or worn by the individuals is expected to propel demand in the forecast period. Due to rise in population also there is increase in the standard of living. Action Camera Mounts Market is segmented by product Type into One Foot Rack and Tripod. Based on application, the action camera mounts market is segmented into Video, and Taking Pictures.

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