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Lighter Industry

The Global Lighter Market is classified on the basis of material, product type, end user, distribution channel and geography. A portable device that is designed to produce flame and is used in order to light ciagars, cigarettes, gas stoves, etc. is known as a lighter. A flammable fluid or pressurized liquid gas is filled inside a plastic or metal holder.

There is a facility of ignition to generate the flame and also a facility for terminating the flame. It can be either refilled or disposed after its use. In addition, there are technical innovations wherein some lighters can be electrically charged. There are different types of lighters such as Catalytic lighter, Flameless lighter, Match lighter, and so on.

The factors that propel the growth of the Lighter Market include increasing demand, rise in disposable income, wide range of applications, and technical innovations. In addition, features such as portability, easy availability, and extensive range of product types also significantly fuel the growth of the market.

On the other hand, there are also factors that may hamper the growth of the market such as increasing awareness among people regarding ill effects of cigarette smoking. In addition, one of the major factor that may have a negative impact on the growth of the market is toxic constituents in lighter fluids such as Naptha, Hexamine, Lacolene, etc. These toxic constituents may cause various symptoms such as breathing difficulty, reduced urine output, severe abdominal pain, burns of the food pipe, severe pain in the ears, nose, eyes, etc.

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Lighter Market is classified on the basis of material as metal, plastic, and others. Based on product type, the global market is segmented asElectric Arc Lighter, Automobile Lighter, Catalytic Lighter, Flameless Lighter, Match Lighter, Permanent Match, and other.

Lighter Market is classified on the basis of end user as commercial use, home use and others. Based on distribution channel the market segmentation includes specialty stores, retail stores, online stores and others. Geographically, the global marketspansNorth America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East and Africa.

The North American region consists of the U.S., and Canada. Latin America region consists of Mexico and Brazil. The Western European region consists of Germany, Italy, France, England and Spain. The Eastern European region consists of Poland and Russia. Asia Pacific region consists of China, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand. The Middle East and Africa region consists of GCC, South Africa and North Africa.

Some of the key players that fuel the growth of the Lighter Market include BAOFA, BIC, Cartire, Colibri, Dunhill, FOCUS, Flamidor, Givenchy, Honest, Jobon, IMCO, Parker, RAYTHOR,S.T.Dupont, Star, TeamPistol, TIGER LIGHTER, XINHAI, Zippo,ZORRO,ZOBO,and others.

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