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Global bath mats market is expected to rise at a positive CAGR in the forthcoming years. Home furnishings have gathered a lot of steam today with people spending randomly on regular household products such as Bath linen and bath mats. Bath linen mats provide a safe touchdown on dry feet and keeps bathroom spic and span is the USP of a bath mat. That they soak water droplets left on the feet very much like a towel is secondary matter.

A growing demand for elegant living and luxurious trappings has spurred the bath mats market. Affordable, smooth and stylish mats with contemporary hues has set trends in seasonal mats which offer class on hand and being readily priced have opened up the economy. This undoubtedly heralds good things to come and bath linen mats have something to cheer about. Bed and bath among the two account for a large share of home furnishings market.

E-commerce has ventured into Bed and bath linen market offering new areas of growth. Retailers are carving a niche for themselves in bed and bath linen market. With Fashion outlets and brands seeking entry into bed and bath linen, bed and bath linen markets are witnessing peak sales. A desire for the good life along with no-holds barred attitude helps to enjoy the Bathing routine and mats area perfect finale to this routine.

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Segmentation of bath mats market by end-user applications includes household, hotel, salon and others. By region, the bath mats market includes North America, Europe, Asia pacific, MEA and Latin America. The bath linen market size has improved on account of customers making a nice deal on account of low pricing across a range of mats. The growth is also attributed to pampering customer needs with posh mats by getting retail spas at home and giving true spa like experience.

The splicing together of Internet and social media are making bath line mats widespread. Home furnishing is divided into bedding, window dressing, bathroom textiles, cushions and covers. Though a product reaches its end-cycle albeit slowly, a replacement principle is activated reiterating this process to witness sale of mats and more eager-to-buy customers in this highly penetrated fashion segment. The various mats on offer include the magnificent large non-slip memory foam bath mat and the inter-design bamboo floor mat and the luxury cotton-hotel spa tub-shower bath mat.  

Bamboo products also offer decisive benefits over other products and help in keeping microbes at bay and softer fabrics cajole baby boomers generation with their soft-skin products. Chenille mats are second to none and is a way of life with the many chic designs on display, a door mat ranks high on customers grocery bagwish list and is value addition to growth. A growing demand for eco-friendly products augurs well for bath mats market growth.

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