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Global Architectural Film Market is expected to grow at a higher CAGR in the forthcoming years. Window shading and facades are of two types namely solvent-cast and co-extruded. In either of the types, a highly controlled film extrusion process, plastic polymer pallets are melted and pumped under flat dies.

 Resulting is a thick sheet of film that upgrades the physical properties. Precision of extrusion and stretching processes enables each film material under unique die-cutting and dispensing features. Features such as thickness, stretch, tear, tensile strength and appearance. Advantages in using co-extruded films are, these films can be used for used for particular purpose coupled with properties like resistance, opacity, and moisture.

Commercial driving factors responsible for the growth of architectural film market include demand for window shading and glass facades. Also, the features and advantages associated with films add to the market growth.

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Based on segmentation by product for architectural film market includes polyester fabric and ETFE sheeting. Based on segmentation by end-user for architectural film market include tents, tensile architecture, sun shading and sun screening and print applications. Sun screening type dominates the market in the forthcoming period.

Geographically, architectural film market spans North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, Europe and Africa. APAC market dominates the global market in terms of value and sales of architectural film sales. China, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore dominate the APAC market due to the rise in demand for architectural films.

North America and Europe also dominate the market owing to demand from commercial sector for architectural films.The key players in the architectural film market include Mehler, Serge Ferrari, Sattler, Sioen, Hiraoka, Verseidag, Seamna Corp, Saint Gobain, ChukohChem, Obeikan, Sika, Taconic-AFD, Atex Membrane, Kobond, Yilong, Xinyida, Sijia, Jinda, Veik andGuardtex.

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