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The global Claytronics market is expected to witness significant demand over the forecast period.  Claytronics is a futuristic technological paradigm spearheading self-assembly of robots implemented on a nano scale. Future implications look at a significant work force replacement by nano robots in areas of hazardous exposure by lending itself to operations under any work climate. Communicating robots that model itself into 3-D objects and also called by the name claytonic atom or claytom has a diverse market thanks to its limitless applications.

Furthermore claytronics technology has the potential to scale up its application by giving rise to numerous nano scale robots adding impetus to robotics market and further rise to claytronics market. Drivers to the market include surge in virtual equipments giving a 3-D presence with communication amongst robots providing growth for the claytronics market.

One way to introduce 3-D stereotype of moving objects into the real world is proving to be a growth driver to the Claytronics market. A visual treat to the eye by way of presenting real-like images giving one a real life-like feel is one of the most important growth drivers to the market.

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A stand to improve communications between humans forms the constant thread of claytronics market and claytronics is a scalable model based on robotics. Restraints to the market include daunting technological thoroughness set by claytronics market and an urgency to improve upon prevailing conditions. Claytronics market Segmentation by type includes planer catoms, electrostatic catoms, giant helium catoms, stochastic catoms and millimeter scale catoms. Claytronics market Segmentation by applications runs into consumer products, hotels, medical disaster relief, virtual meetings, entertainment and 3-D physical modeling.

Claytronics market Segmentation by industry vertical comprises healthcare, automotive, aerospace and defense, robotics and entertainment. Claytronics market Regional segmentation entails North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA and Latin America. Multi-million dollar outfits are for the real thing to give a multi-dimensional feel.

Claytronics has been defined as the arm of robotics dealing with 3-D modeling of robots with engagements in healthcare, education and 3-D gaming. The functional claytronics objects are programmable with outer object modeled on lines of specimen object and distance least paramount.  In keeping with futuristic trends a modular design practiced on lines of 3-D representation that may not give an exact personification of the object concerned but will still hold true with realistic 3-D images. Key stakeholders to the market include end-user industries, government organizations, research institutes and suppliers. Key industrial players of Claytronics market include Claytronics Inc., Intel Corp., and Claysol Inc.

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