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The global Colchicine market is expected to witness significant demand over the forecast period. Colchicine is a medicine used in treating gout and pseudo gout arthritis. Such type of arthritis is caused due to several crystals in the joints. Blood cells then travel to inflammatory areas that cause pain and swelling. Colchicine prevents white blood cells from travelling to these areas and hence helps in reducing pain and swelling. The key driving factors responsible for the growth of colchicine market includes growing geriatric population suffering from gout or pseudo gout infection and rising prevalence of chronic and acute illness.

Benefits in using colchicine include treatment against acute attacks when nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen or ibuprofen prove ineffective due to safety reasons. In terms of agriculture, colchicine concentrations and treatment durations are dependent upon crop species.

Colchicine is to be administered orally and should be taken after food to control stomachache. Plenty of water must be consumed to gain its effectiveness. Clinically, the usual dose to prevent the attacks is to have a tablet once or twice a day. It can be used with other medications or may be used with reducing dose of corticosteroids. Colchicine treatment can be used for long-term treatment in pseudo gout.

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With advantages, colchicine possesses certain side effects that are mild in some patients. In case of side effects, a reduction in dose may help in minimizing the side effects. The most common side effects include vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Such effects may be reduced if colchicine is consumed with food. In some case, less common side effects such as skin rash, fever, hair loss, severe diarrhea, difficulty in passing urine or blood in urine.

Precautions such as blood tests, gastrointestinal conditions, kidney and liver functions are need to be taken care of. Further, storage of colchicine tablets needs storing at room temperature away from heat, moisture and light. On a commercial scale, Colchicine is extensively used in-vitro experiments that require cytoskeleton disruption.

Overall, in the recent years, colchicine has gained a positive traction in cardiovascular medicine and is being tested in a variety of medical domain. Colchicine is a unique drug and no other medication is clinically proven to be its alternative. Thus, considering the potential benefits of colchicine medication on patients, the global market is set to witness a higher CAGR growth during the forecast period.

On the basis of geographic segmentation, the global colchicine market spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa. North America dominates the global market owing to technological developments in medical sector and constant R&D, followed by Europe. APAC market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR owing to presence of large market and growing geriatric population. The key players in the global colchicine market include Sanmar Group, Indena, Alkaloids, Sarv Biolabs, and KPC.

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