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Global Linear Guide Rail Market is segmented by Applications into CNC lathes, large CNC drilling and milling machines, composite Machining Center, Suitable for the limited size of the machine guide rail, Wire EDM machines, CNC machines, as well as general machinery drive linear motion. A guide rail is a device or mechanism to direct products, vehicles or the other objects through a channel, conveyor roadway or rail system. Linear guides (also called linear bearings or guide rails) are designed for superior linear motion. The designed diverse series of linear bearings to meet the diverse needs of the various industries we serve.Linear Guide Rail

For more specific applications, the different company products offer special coatings, lubricants, accuracies and custom designs.

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Maintenance-free operation with K1 Lubrication Units is available on most linear bearings. Guide rails comprise the round guide rail and square guide rail. Square guide rail components offer more precision as compared to the round ones. However, round guide rail is preferred for vertical movements with heavy loads.

While square linear guide rails do cost many times more than round technology due to the extensive grinding requirements inherent in the design, new manufacturing techniques and economies of scale have encouraged engineers to entertain the use of square guide rails in a broader application space. Profile linear guide rails could now be found in several applications that were once supported by only round guide rail.

Square guide rails can outperform round guide rails in specific conditions that demand higher inflexibility and more compactness in terms of load capacity relative to size. In general, profile rail guide rails offer higher load capacity, accuracy and stiffness, and a longer life expectation. Linear Guide Rail Market is segmented by Type into Ball Guide, Needle guide, Roller guide. A Linear Guide (Linear rolling guide) allows a type of linear motion that utilizes rolling balls.

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By using circulating balls between the rail and the block, a Linear Guide can achieve high precision linear motion. Compared to a traditional slide, the coefficient of friction for a Linear Guide is only 1/50th in the linear guide rail market.

Linear Guide Rail Market is segmented by Geographical Region into North America (Canada, Mexico, and U.S.), Latin America (Middle East and Africa), Europe (Germany, France, Italy, England, and Russia), and Asia-Pacific (South-east Asia, China, India, Korea and Japan). Linear Guide Rail Industry Key Players include THK, HIWIN, Bosch Rexroth, IKO, Schaeffler, PMI, PBC Linear, Schneeberger, SBC and NSK.



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