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linear acceleratorGlobal linear accelerator market is segmented on the basis of preferred method of utilizing the device, application and geography . Linear accelerator is a device that destroys cancerous cells without affecting the surrounding normal cells. Linear accelerator (LINAC) functions in a way that it accelerates electrons through a linear tube with high speeds resulting in x-rays emission. Higher x-rays generate large electronic potential which is useful in longer accelerating cavity resulting in greater efficiency for destruction of tumors. Linear accelerator (LINAC) can be utilized on any part of human body with greater efficiency for brain tumor applications.

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The linear accelerator market is primarily driven by a few key factors such as rising prevalence of cancers, efficiency of linear accelerator to deliver high doses of radiation to the tumor with limited damage to the surrounding normal tissues or organs and rising adaptation of radiotherapy devices and procedures for treatment of various tumors.

In addition to this the major advantage of linear accelerator device is that the therapy is painless compared to normal radiation therapies. The linear accelerator market however faces various challenges such as limited data availability pertaining to the outcome of the device usage, and linear accelerator device is unsupported by evidence based outcome studies. Also, shortage of skilled personnel to prescribe appropriate dosage and sessions is observed in the linear accelerator market. Various healthcare reforms which are unfavorable to the technology also create hindrance in linear accelerator market.

On the basis of preferred method of utilizing the device, the linear accelerator market is segmented into dedicated linear accelerator, non-dedicated linear accelerator and so on. On the basis of application, the linear accelerator market is segmented into breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, head & neck cancers, and colorectal cancers and so on.

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On the basis of geography, the linear accelerator industry is segmented into Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Middle East & Africa. North America holds a leading position in the linear accelerator market due to the growing incidence of tumors and cancers, growing advancement of healthcare infrastructure, increasing per-capita income.

The major driving factors which have driven the growth of the linear accelerator market in this region is constantly increasing regulatory scenario monitored by various organizations for the safety and health issues, technological advancement in finding new techniques, rise in funding in public and private sector.

Following North America, European countries are also anticipated to show steady growth in the linear accelerator industry. Asia Pacific region has improved its healthcare scenario by showing numerous growth opportunities supporting the current healthcare reforms, launching novel diagnostic products which are anticipated to increase the adoption of these diagnostic tests throughout the continent resulting to emerge as a fastest growing region in linear accelerator industry. The key players in the linear accelerator industry include Varian, Accuracy, Elekta Group of Companies manufacturing linear accelerator products such as Versa HD, Philips, GE Healthcare, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Shinva, Neusoft, Top Grade Healthcare, Hamming, Huiheng Medical, Infinity/ Axesse, Synergy/S, Synergy Platform, Siemens Healthcare manufacturing linear accelerator products such as Artiste, Oncor (Impression, Expression & Avante Garde), Primus K, Primus M, Accuracy Incorporated and Brainlab AG.



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